Investor Relations – OBX Advisors


For Companies:

Our team of Investor relation expert, with hands-on experience in handling Public Companies, can help you with a range of Investor Relations Services, as follows:

  • Undertake Company Secretary role and compliance with listing regulations
  • Undertake detailed MIS & Analytics that are important for Investor/Analyst meetings.
  • Assist in preparing Investor Presentations.
  • Provide advisory services on “How to Handle” various questions, and situations.
  • Perform specific research on most frequently asked questions, analyst expectations, industry & media expectations, etc.

For Investors:

Often investors invest substantial time, much after having invested in the company figuring out why they are not receiving even basic reports from the company. The problem lies in ignoring evaluation of Accounting & MIS function and not strengthening it with necessary resources and tools to ensure all required & authentic reports get generated, ahead of set deadlines. OBX assists Investors in assessing and then implementing MIS reporting structure, aided with necessary templates that help the company’s finance team in generating required MIS reports from their accounting software, with little extra effort.

OBX also trains and coaches the Finance & Accounting team, as well as the CFO & the CEO of the company on their role and responsibility in reporting accurate financials, on time, every time. OBX also recommends to the Investor on key areas to seek comfort on from the company’s auditor.