cost reduction / cost rationalization

Do you agree with the business leaders that, the Strategy for businesses for next twelve (12) months shall be to focus on Cost Rationalization? i.e. focus on decreasing cost and increasing revenue and bottom line, if yes we are here to assist you in same.

We specialize in providing sustainable cost saving solutions designed to reduce business expenditure and improve bottom line profitability. By combining years of knowledge and experience of our associates, our cost reduction consultancy will maximize impact on your business value chain to provide you enhanced profitability.

  • We are offering a unique service whereby we will be assisting your Organization for;
  • Identification of Bottlenecks that may exist in processes
  • Review of Business Operations for improvement
  • Identification of Inefficiencies
  • Revenue and distribution cost
  • Production, maintenance and shutdown cost
  • Identification of alternative Raw Materials
  • Review of procurement and stock holding strategy
  • Cost of utilities, its consumption and efficiency
  • Cost of Financing & efficient Working Capital Management
  • Tax Planning
  • Growth Opportunities
  • Any other areas specific to your organization dynamics


OBX plays an important role in assisting companies to maximize their profits. Since profit is a function of revenues and costs, one has to look for opportunities at increasing revenues and reducing/controlling costs in order to maximize profits.

All of our OBX’s have multiple years of experience in identifying even the smallest opportunity for saving costs, and maximizing revenues.

Some of the techniques we adopt are:

Detailed Financial & Trend Analysis.
Implementation of Systems & Controls.
Better Pricing and Procurement Strategy.
Contract Negotiations.
Efficient Transaction Structuring.
Fine tuning of the business model to improve efficiency & productivity.