Implementing an ERP system is not a Challenge but implement it rightly need Experts.

Implementation of ERP system requires lots of time and expertise to have it rightly implemented and to avail benefits in long run.

All ERP system whether it is SAP or Microsoft Dynamics or any other system identification of “What the system is ?” and “What is required by the Business?” and How to implement are the key aspect of any ERP System implementation.

We have expertise in implementing ERP systems in both the Manufacturing and Service Sector, we support ERP implementation right from the beginning i.e.
• Selection of ERP Software
• Identification of System Scope
• Identification of User and process requirement
• Support Users in identifying and documenting user requirements
• Customization of ERP System
• Quality Control & Evaluation
• Data Migration Support
• Support in Implementation / Go- Live
• Post-implementation User training support
• Any other requirement

Implementation of ERP is a critical decision for a Business, we have witnessed the failure of many ERP systems including SAP which compel users to use Excel Spreadsheets or other software for reporting and evaluation purposes, accordingly ERP Implementation needs to be supported by Experts to avail required benefits.